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IKION History

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27 April 2016
27 April 2016

45 Years History

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Since 1965...

The family business starts in 1965 by Nikos and Katina Theodorou. They build the first lodgings in the island that even dispose of a personal bathroom.

At the same time they operate a small grocery shop, IKION, to cover the holidaymakers’ needs as regards their everyday shopping, since IKION is connected to Patitiri only by sea.

Agios Nikolaos“, Mr Niko’s motorboat is the only means of the visitors’ transportation to and from the port, as well as the nearby beaches and deserted islands.

For many years one can find among its exquisite customers both Greeks and foreigners: Yangos Pesmetzoglou, Kornelios Kastoriades, Dimitris Papaspirou (president of the Greek parliament), Volfgang Manhach, Zack Sinome (French author and ichthyologist) and Michael Carol (English author), as well as other people, lovers of lonely and quality vacation, choose our rooms for their summer holidays.

Τα πολυτελή για την εποχή ενοικιαζόμενα δωμάτια

The luxury for the time rental rooms

Theodorou family on front of the rental rooms

Mr. Nick Theodorou with the known East German ornithologist Volfgang Machach

Mrs Katina Theodorou at ΙΚΙΟΝ Cafe

Years ago…


In 1988 their daughter Harikleia Theodorou takes over the business, keeping its family character.


The construction of IKION café begins in 1997 and that same year the grocery and the giftshop are translocated in new buildings


The grocery and the giftshop start operating in 1998, within a few meters from the beach.


In 2001, in view of the need to have the lodgings refurbished and improved, IKION business participates in the EPAN program, which is co-financed by the Greek state and the European Union.


Two years later Harikleia creates new branch IKION SPORT-ADVENTURE also funded by the Greek government and the EU LEADER program. This is an alternative tourism enterprise activities known and unknown for the place having as a goal to extend the tourist season and the arrival of different tourists.

2003 until today

Last added to the company;s potential and IKION DIVING, an activity quite popular in Greek but mostly to foreign tourist public