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Steni Vala

καταδυσεις αλονησσος
Activities in Alonnisos
18 April 2016
παραλιες αλονησσος
20 April 2016


Steni Vala, a picturesque fishermen’s village.


The harbor of Steni Vala is point of sailors gathering and starting point for various activities an the island. The visitor can find everything you seek for: picturesque taverns, cafés, rooms to let, a mini market, all in an environment that preserves its unique character and its island color.

In Steni Vala is also located and the diving center of IKION, ikiondiving. The experienced professional staff is waiting to intoduce you to the wonderful world of diving.

In a nearby distance you will find beautiful beaches with crystal-clear waters and plants that reach down to the deep blue sea.

Στενή Βάλα

Steni Vala

Harbor of Steni Vala